Your A-list team of creatives, all working out of The Kitchen in Downtown Raleigh.

A Partner of The Kitchen
Max Trujillo | Trujillo Media

Max Trujillo

Restaurant & Media Consultant

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A Partner of The Kitchen
Felicia Perry Trujillo | FOOD SEEN

Felicia Perry Trujillo


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A Partner of The Kitchen
Mike Rosado | MRC

Mike Rosado

Creative Director & Illustrator

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Joey Carty | MRC

Joey Carty

Brand Designer & Web Developer

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Kristin Ennis | FOOD SEEN

Kristin Ennis

Social Media Manager

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Leslie Hamilton

Leslie Hamilton

Brand Strategist

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Bobby McFarland

Bobby McFarland

Chef Consultant

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Neal McTighe

Neal McTighe

Sales & Business Consultant

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